Why did I pick a class at 9:30am this is torture

This isn’t a classroom it’s an auditorium

my classes start at 2:10 today

Three times a week.
One hour to the school.
There was no choice involved.

mbti actual names



ESTP: the popular kid

ESTJ: the stereotypical dad

ENTP: the person who never takes things seriously

ENTJ: the tyrant; probably the villain in books

ESFP: the louder anime main character; probably gets bad grades

ESFJ: the stereotypical mom

ENFP: the manic pixie dream girl

ENFJ: the life changing person you never see again

ISTP: the person who’s likely to be on a sports team; also a nerd

ISTJ: the studious nerd

INTP: the leader of all nerds

INTJ: the other studious nerd but competitive probably

ISFP: the girl who always doodles on her papers

INFP: the really religious person

ISFJ: the cool badass mom

INFJ: the quieter anime main character

I’m not religious at all…



it’s time for school


it’s time for school


He has to be joking

It’s parody :u

An Important PSA regarding Pesterchum and Safety


Looks like some drama here regarding a decision I made on Pesterchum. I’m not going to touch any of this drama except the part that pertains to Pesterchum and its administration:


It since came out that he tried to sexually harass ANOTHER under-age girl on Pesterchum, and they reported it to the administrator of the service. I helped her report him, giving my own experiences. He was temporarily K-Lined (permanently banned) before somehow weaselling his way back onto the service by claiming the logs were fake. I didn’t send any logs, but other victims did. Apparently, me not being a victim was a good enough reason for ghostDunk to give Zem my identity (thanks for that, GD), so I’ve been having further harassment since.

This is a misrepresentation of the process. Here is what happened:

  • I received a report that an underage user was being harassed to engage in ERP on Pesterchum. I take these reports very seriously, and after a quick check to make sure that the accused party was indeed the same person as I was banning, they were immediately banned.
  • The accused party made a defense, which included allegations that Tumblr user arunmor somehow framed him by “spoofing” his IP or something, and included character witnesses from his friends. This defense was denied, seeing as how the reporting party had no apparent connection with arunmor, character witnesses were irrelevant, and no other evidence seemed to exist to exonerate him.
  • I followed up with the reporting party to make sure I’d gotten everything correct: after all, if I got the wrong party, the harasser would still be able to bother them. I found out that arunmor was indeed involved, as he had instructed her to come to me.
  • I then investigated the situation once more, and found very strong indications that the pester logs I had been sent showing the situation had been forged. The accused party did not convince or “weasel” me into this situation; the evidence was discovered solely by myself, and is objective and very convincing.
  • When presented with this evidence, the reporting party simply vanished from the conversation. I did not take this as an admission of guilt, but it also means they did not provide me with a defense.
  • Because of this, I then looked at the drama happening. arunmor has a definite motive for slandering zem, and the technical know-how to forge Pesterchum logs.
  • Therefore, Zem was unbanned from Pesterchum as no actual evidence existed to keep his ban in tact.
  • The reporting party was not punished, and if the events did indeed happen, I’m very sorry. It is very unfortunate that I have to regard future evidence from both arunmor and the reporting party as suspect (though I will not dismiss it out of hand).
  • arunmor, as someone with a clear stake in getting Zem banned, could in no way be considered a victim, and because of the strong possibility of malicious intent, I felt Zem deserved to know what had happened.
  • The identity of the reporting party has been kept anonymous.
  • On a personal note, I am very upset about being manipulated, but I am trying to remain calm.

He continues:

Since ghostDunk’s lack of oversight puts more people at risk, please, be careful on Pesterchum and elsewhere in the MSPA fandom. He’s going to see this since he stalks my blog, but since his post has been up for months and I didn’t find it because it wasn’t tagged, I’m not tagging this either. Please reblog this for peoples safety.

Stay safe everyone.

I know I haven’t been as active in modding recently, but when I do moderate, I strive to remain as objective and fair as possible. And, let me reiterate: 

If you are being sexually harassed on Pesterchum, you will be safe in reporting it to me. I have made it a policy to err on the side of the potential victim.

Please reblog this so people know that I am not simply dismissing reports of victimization because some guy was super convincing, and that they should feel safe in knowing that any harassment will be dealt with.

Pokémon fandom right now






this is it

I have found it

the best panel of Homestuck

reblogging because rip panel :(


Hussie if this gets to 500,000+ notes can it be canon again?

Never forget.

タイツォン - PONPONPON Rap ver.
16,393 plays




An osm rap as expected of tightson, but I honestly wish that hashiyan also made a ponponpon rap orz

i am looking at really old pages from my blog rn and found this gem


Human/Night Fury hybrid character thing. Iunno.


Human/Night Fury hybrid character thing. Iunno.



my favourite Sonic gif of all time is the one where the barrel is rolling into Sonic during the Sonic 06 results screen

I found it



Times are changing…

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this is what butts sound like

i will forever reblog this post

REBLOG if your icon is actually you.




german emotions

german memes

tfw deprimiert

this is slightly horrifying